Self Reliance Promoters NGO
P.O. Box 27- Kumbo
Bui Division
North West Region
Rep. of Cameroon

Landline:  +237 3303 5372
Mobile:   +237 775 75133

The Self Reliance Promoters' NGO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Kumbo, Nso, Cameroon.  The purpose of the organization is to make a vital contribution to fighting poverty in the local community. This is achieved by a range of activities that promote self reliance both socially and economically, through the key principles of:

The Self Reliance Promoters' NGO creates programmes and projects that assist in the promotion of local initiatives, such as:

We are carrying on with these projects when possible in spite of the current unsettled conditions, but we are also developing new projects to alleviate some of the problems which have arisen.