Self Reliance Promoters NGO
P.O. Box 27- Kumbo
Bui Division
North West Region
Rep. of Cameroon

Landline:  +237 3303 5372
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New Keyhole Gardens Project at Oscar Wind Primary School:

We have an exciting new project that began in early March at Oscar Wind Primary School in Kumbo. Keyhole gardens are small, sustainable units built from locally available materials; they retain water well and utilise food and water waste that would otherwise be thrown away.
This project is being piloted at the school and teachers from other local schools are hoping to introduce the initiative, allowing intensive cultivation of vegetables to benefit their communities and teach children valuable skills.
You can help to construct new gardens or offer advice on their maintenance and evaluate the success of the project. Or if you like to teach, the young pupils would love to meet you!
If you would like to know more about this great project, which we are hoping will expand to over 90 schools in the Bui Division, just send us an email.

Above: Construction of the new keyhole garden at Oscar Wind School


Self-Reliance Promoters School of Management, Accounting and Computer Studies Program (SEREPSMACS):

Our school is located in the heart of Kumbo and is one of a kind, specialising in management, finance, economics and computer skills. Construction of the school is not completely finished, and we are still in need of equipment and teaching tools, such as books for our future library and computers for lessons, so donations would be greatly appreciated. But if you would like to come and join the teaching team, even if just for a few days (or longer!) we are always grateful of volunteers to share knowledge, teaching subjects like English, Maths and ICT, or anything else you like! Or if you are happy to contribute to our office, come and help our team with administrative or secretarial duties.
For more information on the history of SEREPSMACS check out the 2014 and 2015 newsletters.

Above: Building SEREPSMACS School


Mbosha's New Farming Initiative, Women's Palm Oil Microfinance Group and Health Centre:

Mbosha is a beautiful village high up in the hills, a few kilometres from Kumbo. There are 3 main projects there, and the most recent one is at a local farm where SEREP volunteers often stay.
The Karimu-Wagiris live high above Mbosha, and among other activities on their farm have begun herding sheep in order to introduce something new to the village. Volunteers can come and help out on the farm and encourage this new venture, and also come to enjoy the hillside and trek to the waterfalls on horseback!
The women's palm oil microfinance project enables many of the local women in Mbosha to be self-sufficient by keeping the palm oil price stable throughout the year and allowing them to sell the excess oil and make a profit. If you would like to come and meet our group and report on the project or similar ones that SEREP are running, let us know!
In recent years, a health centre has been constructed in Mbosha, and SEREP is supporting the local community to finish the building. If you are interested in the village's current healthcare arrangements and would like to visit, or would like to help in the centre's completion, with anything from donations for equipment and medical supplies to coming and helping us paint, please contact us!
There is more information about our progress in Mbosha in the last few years in the 2014 and 2015 newsletters.

Above: View of Mbosha from the Health Centre


Tsenla Kikaikela'ki Water Supply Construction Project:

Tsenla iis located in the Romkong valley, where there are many natural springs. However, in the dry season, access to these springs is extremely limited, and people have to travel long distances to collect water, which is not always safe to use.
The local community, along with SEREP volunteers have already began to excavate a trench to locate water and have also prepared rocks for the dam.
For this project to succeed, funding is needed for the construction materials. The catchment and dam need to be installed before heavy rainfall as this could destroy the work.
This is a high priority project, as water is there but there is no technology to collect, clean and distribute it. More than 700 hundred people would benefit from this project, so donations would make a huge difference, or come and join the community so that future generations will benefit from this worthwhile initiative.
Email us if you would like to see our project plan for Tsenla Kikaykela'ki.

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